What is your GIFT?

Paul said that we are transformed by the renewing of our minds (Romans 12:2). But transformed how, and to what? The answer lies in not conforming our identity to the world, and he goes on to say the real key to transformation has to do with your GIFT (romans 12:6-8). Everybody has one, but nobody else has yours. Your GIFT is entirely unique, so if you don’t use your GIFT we all miss out.

Your GIFT is the ONE talent you possess that can be developed to greatness as manifested in the unique way you think. I always capitalize GIFT to distinguish it from the other gifts you have.

Your GIFT refers to the soul part of your being, meaning your mind, will, and emotional part of you. Your GIFT is God’s Intention For Thinking. He created you to think in a way entirely unique from any person that lives, has lived, or will live. No one thinks as you do. For those that are Spirit filled, your spiritual gift will probably be a manifestation of your GIFT to build up the body of Christ.

Most of us assume that others think like us, but that is a huge mistake. No one thinks like you. This is the most unique aspect of who you are, and it is the key that opens many doors. Employing your unique way of thinking is your key to success, joy, happiness, love, relationships, and so much more.

Employing your GIFT is your purpose (1Peter 4:10)

Knowing your GIFT is great, but it won’t help you if you don’t use it. The exciting thing about discovering your GIFT is that the desire to use it comes with the discovery. The reason so many people don’t know what they really want (desire) is because they don’t know their GIFT.

To quote James Allen,

“the will to do comes from the knowledge that we can do.”

Knowing your GIFT fills you with the knowledge that you are uniqued suited to do something. That gives you an Authenticity Advantage that fills you with the confidence that comes from being sure of your identity and knowing your unique GIFT. It gives you the desire to employ that GIFT.

I could go on for hours on this subject; in fact, I did in my book Employ Your GIFT, How to Stop Struggling and Live Your Purpose. The desire of your heart, the one that the Father delights to give you, is based on your GIFT. And the passion to fulfill your purpose always comes with your GIFT as well.

Let’s face it, all your choices are the result of your thinking. If you don’t recognize your GIFT, how good will your choices be? Your decision-making becomes easier and better when you know your purpose.

Applying your GIFT to a vision is how you were born to make a difference.

Everyone has a purpose, but visionaries are rare. A vision is a clear understanding of the direction and mission for a multitude of people. Visions require the GIFTs of many people in order to be fulfilled, and they require a GIFTed leader to execute the vision.

Since most people are not visionaries, they will need to apply their GIFTs to someone else’s vision. When you find a vision that inspires you, you will look for ways to use your GIFT as part of that vision. This is why visions require leadership.

A real leader not only knows their own identity and GIFT but also the identity and GIFTs of those under their charge. A leader also knows where there are gaps to be filled and is on the lookout for the people with GIFTs required to fulfill the vision. Then the leader inspires those people to move the vision forward.

When your GIFT is applied to the right vision, either your own or someone else’s, that’s when Transformation is manifested.

Your choice

The world wants you to conform to its ways to prevent transformation, but now you know better. Transformation is not for some privileged few, it is for everyone…including you.

It all starts with a choice. Choose to transform. Use your GIFT.