What’s a Father Fracture?

The biggest reason that you may not know the real you is what I call a Father Fracture.

A Father Fracture occurs when you had (or have) a bad relationship (or no relationship) with your father. This will probably lead to having a difficult time having a good relationship (or any relationship, for that matter) with your Father (God).

In your formative years, your father was supposed to be

  • your source of protection,
  • your source of provision, and
  • your source of trust.

He is supposed to teach you

  • how to play,
  • how to take risks, and
  • how to empathize with others.

He is supposed to

  • love you unconditionally,
  • providing you with confidence in who you are,
  • and giving you real self-worth.

But what if your dad didn’t provide you with those things, what if he wasn’t there for you, or what if you never knew your father?

What if the whole idea of a father makes you feel

  • abandoned,
  • rejected,
  • fearful, or
  • angry?

Then from where do you get your confidence?

The fact is that many people have never known unconditional love and approval from a father. They have no idea what they are missing—a real sense of identity, not based on performance, but on who you are. They have a broken concept of a father–a Father Fracture.

And if you have an unresolved Father Fracture you will never know the real you…your best self.