Our purpose

Transformers International exists to inspire and teach you how to use your God-given GIFT.

• Do you know something is missing but you don’t know what?
• Do you really know what you want?
• Are you looking for your purpose?
• Are you looking for your calling or career?
• Do you want to know why God chose you?
• Do you want to serve God, but you don’t have any idea how?
• Do you want to love others as Jesus does, but you don’t know how?
• Are you tired of people talking about faith and abundance but offering no solutions?
• Do you think the world is goofy and there must be a better way?
• Do you want to be successful?
• Do you want better relationships?
• Do you want to feel fulfilled and valued?
• Have you figured out that conforming to others doesn’t work?
• Do you want the power needed to live the life the Bible talks about?
• Do you want to make a difference?
• Are you ready for the how to’s?

Then Transformers is for you!